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You can not become ONE in love. you can only have an illusion of becoming one in love.And that is the great desire – how to be one, how to be one with the whole. how to fall in rapport with reality, how to disappear utterly. Because if you are , there is misery ; if you are, there is anguish ; if you are, there is anxiety.
The very ego creates the problem. when you melt and disappear, when you become one, there is nobody left behind. You are just a wave in this eternal ocean of existence. You don’t have a center of your own; the center of the whole has become your center. Then anxiety disappears, the anguish disappears, then the potential has become actual. This is what is called ” Enlightenment “, this is what is called ” NIRVANA ” or ” God realisation” .

~ OSHO – chapter #4 : Love cannot deliver the goods,
Sufis : The people of path , vol:1

Dhyana & Samadhi

Meditation has two parts: the beginning and the end.
The beginning is called dhyana and the end is called samadhi.
Dhyana is the seed, samadhi is the flowering. Dhyana means becoming aware of all workings of your mind, all the layers of your mind – your memories, your desires, your thoughts, dreams – becoming aware of all that goes on inside you.Dhyana is awareness,
and samadhi is when the awareness has become so deep, so profound,
so total that it is like a fire and it consumes the whole mind and all its functionings. It consumes thoughts, desires, ambitions, hopes, dreams. It consumes the whole stuff the mind is full of.
Samadhi is the state when awareness is there, but there is nothing to be aware inside you; the witness is there, but there is nothing to be witnessed.
Begin with dhyana, with meditation, and end in samadhi, in ecstasy, and you will know what God is. It is not a hypothesis, it is an experience. You have to LIVE it – that is the only way to know it.

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