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The 5 Insights !

“The biggest victim of one sided love is God… He loves you so much… and you don’t even recognise it…”

“Love is your nature…
But in the process of its expression.., you often get caught up in the object…
This is when your sight is caught outside…

To return back to your nature..,
you need insight… (The Five Insights)

Pain is the first insight…
It takes you away from the object and turns you towards your body and mind.

Energy is the second insight…
A bolt of energy brings you back to your Self.

Divine Love is the third insight…
A glimpse of Divine love makes you so complete and over rules all the relative pleasures.

Trance is the fourth insight…
An elevation of consciousness and partial awareness of the physical reality around is Trance.

The conviction in the non-dual existence.., that all is made up of one and only one.., is the fifth insight…

When love glows.., it is bliss.
When it flows.., it is compassion.
When it blows.., it is anger.
When it ferments.., it is jealously.
When it is all ‘nos’.., it is hatred.
When it acts.., it is perfection.
When love Knows.., it is ME..!”

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Follow the Master or Yourself?

You should follow either absolutely, or not at all. No compromise should be made, because anything half-hearted is not only useless but harmful. Anything half-hearted divides you –that is the harm. You should remain an undivided unity. So either surrender totally…then there is no need to think on your part; follow blindly. I emphasize the word blindly –as if you have no eyes; somebody who has eyes is leading you. Then you will remain an undivided unity; and undivided, integrated, you will grow. Or, if you feel this is impossible and cannot be done, don’t follow at all. Completely follow yourself. Then too you will remain undivided.To remain undivided is the end, the aim. Both will do, the ultimate result will be the same. If you can be alone, without a master, if you can follow your own consciousness, wheresoever it leads, it is the same, the result will be the same. So it depends on you.

~ OSHO – My way: The way of the white clouds.

Question Answers !

Be more meditative and then you are nearer to me. Once you are totally meditative, you are me. Then there is no difference. One thing more: the more you meditate, the less there will be to be asked. Questions will drop. Questions belong to a non-meditative state of mind. They arise in a non-meditative state more and more. One question is answered, ten arise out of the answer.
Mind is a great question-creating force. It goes on creating questions. You give the answer and the mind jumps on it, tears it down, and creates ten more questions. When you are meditative, less and less questions will be there. This will look paradoxical to you, but it is true and I have to say it: When there are questions, there will be no answers; when there is no question, the answer is there. The answer comes only when you are not questioning. Non-questioning will happen to you through meditation.

~ OSHO – My way: The way of the white clouds.

Mind your silence !

Silence is not a quality of the mind. Mind cannot be made silent. Silence is the quality of your inner soul, of your inner being. It is always there but because of the chattering, the constant chattering of the mind, you cannot hear it. Whenever you become passive, non-thinking, you become aware of it. Then you are unoccupied. In that unoccupied moment, meditation happens.

~ OSHO – My way: The way of the white clouds.

The art of being a disciple

The greatest art in the world is to be a disciple. It cannot be compared to anything. It is unique and incomparable. Nothing like it exists in any other relationship, nothing like it can exist.

To be a disciple, to be with a master, is to move into the unknown. You cannot be very aggressive there. If you are aggressive, the unknown will never be revealed to you. It cannot be revealed to an aggressive mind. The very nature of it is such that you have to be receptive, not aggressive.

The search for truth is not an active search, it is a deep passivity – in your deep passivity you will receive. But if you become too active and concerned, you will miss. It is like being a womb, it is feminine; you receive the truth as a woman receives a pregnancy. Remember this… then many things will become easier to understand.

To be near a master is to be just a passivity, absorbing whatsoever the master gives or whatsoever the master is – not asking. The moment you start asking you have become aggressive, the receptivity is lost, you have become active. The passive, the feminine, is no longer there. Nobody has ever reached the truth as a male – aggressive, violent. That’s not possible. You reach very silently. In fact, you wait and truth reaches you. The truth seeks you, like water seeks some hollow ground, moves downwards, finds a place, and becomes a lake.

An active mind is too filled with itself; an active mind thinks that it knows what truth is. One has only to ask, at least the question is known; only for the answer does one have to seek and search.

But when you become passive, even the question is not known. How to ask? What to ask? For what to ask? There is no question, one cannot do anything else but wait. This is patience – and this is infinite patience – because it is not a question of time, it is not a question of you waiting for a few months, or a few years. If you have patience for a few years, that won’t help, because a mind that thinks that it has to wait for three years is not, in fact, waiting. He is looking actively, to when the three years are over, then he can jump, be aggressive, and ask; then he can demand that the period of waiting be over, that now he is entitled to know. There is nothing like that. Nobody is ever entitled to know the truth.

Suddenly the moment comes when you are ready, and your patience has become not of time, but of eternity; you are not waiting for something, but simply waiting, because the waiting is so beautiful; the waiting itself is such a deep meditation, the waiting itself is such a tremendous achievement – who bothers about anything else? When the waiting has become so total, so intense, so whole, that time disappears and the waiting takes the quality of eternity, then immediately you are ready. You are not entitled, remember – you cannot ask. You are simply ready and you are not even aware that you are ready. Because the very awareness will be a hindrance to your readiness; the very awareness will show that the ego is there, watching in the corner, hiding somewhere.

And the ego is always aggressive, whether hiding or not hiding, apparent or not apparent. Even hiding in the deepest corner of the unconscious, the ego is aggressive. And when I say that to become totally passive is the art of being a disciple, I mean – dissolve the ego. Then there is nobody who is asking, demanding, then there is simply nobody – you are a vacant house, a deep emptiness, simply waiting. And suddenly, all that you could have asked for is given to you, without you asking for it.

~ OSHO – The grass grows by itself

Master !


The master is only a catalytic agent, just like the sunrise in the morning – the birds all around start singing.

Not that the sun comes to each bird’s nest and knocks on the door or presses the buzzer and says, ” it is time now – get up and sing!”.

The flowers start opening, releasing their fragrance – not that they are being told, ” it is morning and you have to do it “;  the very presence of the sun is a catalytic agent.

The sun is not doing anything, but millions of things are happening just by its presence.

The master is exactly that – a catalytic agent. He does nothing, but millions of things happen around him.  They happen because of him but are not caused by him – and the difference is great.

~ OSHO – Moral,immoral,amoral
Chapter : – The flavour of understanding.

Love, Relationship, Relating

Relationship means something complete, finished, closed. Love is never a relationship; love is relating. It is always a river, flowing, unending. Love knows no full stop; the honeymoon begins but never ends. It is not like a novel that starts at a certain point and ends at a certain point. It is an ongoing phenomenon. Lovers end, love continues. It is a continuum. It is a verb, not a noun. And why do we reduce the beauty of relating to relationship? Why are we in such a hurry? – because to relate is insecure, and relationship is a security, relationship has a certainty. Relating is just a meeting of two strangers, maybe just an overnight stay and in the morning we say good-bye. Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow? And we are so afraid that we want to make it certain, we want to make it predictable. We would like tomorrow to be according to our ideas; we don’t allow it freedom to have its own say. So we immediately reduce every verb to a noun .

~ OSHO – Love, Freedom , aloneness

Mind games !

Mind is very much afraid of doing good.

Why is mind afraid of doing good?
For two reasons.
One: to do good is nonnourishing to the mind; mind is nourished by doing evil, by doing bad.
For example, if you say no, mind is strengthened; if you say yes, mind is not strengthened. Hence mind is never interested in saying yes to anything.

Mind is basically atheistic.
It enjoys saying no;
no is its power.
Negativity is its food;
it eats negativity.
Positivity is its death.

Try to say no and you start feeling powerful.

Whenever you say no, whenever you can manage to say no, you feel powerful.

Whenever you have to say yes you feel humiliated, as if something has been done against yourself.

To say a total yes is to destroy the mind totally, and to remain in a total no is to remain in the mind, in the ego.

~ OSHO – Dhammapada ( Vol-4)

Happiness Unhappiness !

Remember one thing: the one who brings unhappiness to others in the end becomes unhappy himself, and the one who brings happiness to others in the end reaches to the heights of happiness. That’s why I am saying that someone who tries to give happiness develops the center of happiness inside himself, and someone who tries to bring unhappiness to others develops the center of unhappiness inside himself.

The fruit does not come from the outside, the fruit is created within you. Whatever you do, you develop receptivity for it inside yourself.

~ OSHO – Excerpted from : The Path of Meditation, Talk #5

Ambition and misery !

A happy man is never ambitious. There is no need for him to be happy if he is ambitious, or if he is happy there is no need for him to be ambitious. Both things cannot exist together. If you are happy, ambition disappears; if you are ambitious you are miserable. Only in misery ambition grows. Ambition simply means you are not happy the way you are.
What dreams do you want to fulfill? That means the reality that you are living in is not giving you contentment, it is not enough; you want something more. Only a miserable mind wants something more. The very idea of the “more” is out of misery. But you seem to be very unconscious of your misery, or maybe very cunning. You don’t want to recognize it, you don’t want to confess it.

~ OSHO : Zen The Special Transmission, Chapter 10

Life, Death, Love !

Death is already happening. Whether you face it or not, whether you look at it or not, it is already there. It is just like
breathing. When a child is born, he inhales. He breathes in for the first time. That is the beginning of life. And when one day he becomes old, dies, he will exhale. Death always happens with exhalation and birth with inhalation. But exhalation and inhalation are happening continuously. With each inhalation you are born; with each
exhalation you die.
So the first thing to understand is that death is not somewhere in the future, waiting for you, as it has been always pictured. It is part of life; it is an ongoing process not in the future, here, now.

Life and death are two aspects of existence. simultaneously happening together. Ordinarily, you have been taught to think of death as being against life. Death is not against life-life is not possible without death. Death is the very ground on which life exists. Death and life are like two wings: the bird cannot fly with one wing, and the being cannot be without death. So the first thing is a clear understanding of what we mean by death. Death is an absolutely necessary process for life to be. It is not the enemy, it is the friend. And it is not there somewhere in the future, it is here, now. It is not going to happen, it has been always happening. Since you have been here it has been with you. With each exhalation it happens a little death, a small death but because of fear we have put it in the future.
The mind always tries to avoid things which it cannot comprehend, and death is one of the most incomprehensible

There are only three mysteries: life, death and love. All these three are beyond mind. So mind takes life for granted; then there is no need to inquire. That is a way of avoiding. You never think, you never meditate on life; you have simply accepted it, taken it
for granted. It is a tremendous mystery. You are alive, but don’t think that you have known life.
For death, mind plays another trick: it postpones it. To accept it here and now would be a constant worry, so the
mind puts it somewhere in the future then there is no hurry. When it comes, we will see.
And for love, mind has created substitutes which are not love. Sometimes you call your possessiveness your love; sometimes you call your attachment your love; sometimes you call your domination your love these are ego games. Love has nothing to do with them. In fact, because of these games, love is not possible.

Between life and death, between the two banks of life and death, flows the river of love. And that is possible only for a person who does not take life for granted, who moves deep into the quality of being alive and becomes existential, authentic. Love is for the person who accepts death here and now and does not postpone it. Then between these two a beautiful phenomenon arises: the river of love. Life and death are like two banks. The possibility is there for the river of love to flow, but it is only a possibility. You will have to materialize it. Life and death are there, but love has to be materialized that is the goal of being a human. Unless love materializes, you have missed you have missed the whole point of being.

~ Osho – Ancient Music in the Pines Talk #8

Mind, Soul, Intellect !

Q: Can you explain what is the mind, and what’s the difference between the mind and the soul?

Sri Sri ~ Mind is just a projection of soul. Soul is your whole consciousness, the life force in you. The part of it which is listening to me right now, which is asking the question, which is perceiving – we call it the mind. So if your mind is elsewhere, though I’m speaking and the words are falling into your ear drums, still you don’t get it because the mind is elsewhere. So it’s through the mind that we see, smell, taste, hear, and experience the sense of touch. That is what the mind is.
The mind has another function which we call intellect. As I’m speaking, something in you is saying, “Yes, I agree”, or, “No, I don’t agree with this”. There is something in you which is accepting and rejecting, judging and accommodating – that is the intellect.